Buying an Engagement Ring

When a man sets out to buy an engagement ring, he knows the importance of the piece of jewelry he is about to purchase. Not only is the engagement ring a symbol of love, but it is also the one accessory that his bride will wear every day for the rest of her life. For this reason, buying an engagement ring should take time, and the soon-to-be husband should be very careful that he has done the research and exercised all of his options when purchasing the ring.

Choosing a Design

Before looking for a jewelry store that sells engagement rings, a shopper should decide what style of engagement ring he wishes to purchase. Many women prefer a certain style of ring — certain cuts, specific stones, particular metals or certain engagement ring settings. To determine what kind of ring the bride to be would like best, the man can start by asking her friends or starting to take notice of the kinds of jewelry she has, buys often or admires when walking by jewelry stores. A shopper should determine his bride-do-be’s preference on at least:

  • The stone or stones she likes
  • The metal band
  • The engagement ring settings she likes
  • The cut of the stone she prefers

Shoppers who do not know much about jewelry may have a hard time getting this information. If they can’t figure out how to get it without spoiling the surprise, they can simply find a few pictures of rings that the bride-to-be likes and take the pictures along to the jewelry store.

Setting a Budget

Engagement rings vary in price from a few hundred to over $10,000 in price. Although shoppers may have to revise their budgets when they get to the store and find that the perfect engagement ring for their soon-to-be wife is just a bit above their price range, all engagement ring shoppers should have a budget before they go shopping. This way, they will limit themselves to rings they really can afford and avoid trying to purchase a ring they really can’t afford and that will later be repossessed. To set a budget for his bride’s engagement ring, a shopper should think about how much he can afford to spend each month on ring payments.

Finding a Ring

After a shopper decides what style of ring he wants to buy and sets a budget for the ring, he is ready to start looking for the ring itself. Shoppers can look for engagement rings online or in stores. Online jewelry stores offer engagement rings at competitive prices. The advantage to looking online is that shoppers can select from a wider pool of ring choices and styles. It is also easy to shop from home. Shopping at a jewelry store allows shoppers to actually handle the rings before they purchase them. This way, they can check to see if the ring is really what they are expecting. Most soon-to-be husbands shop at both online and brick and mortar stores. As the shopper visits stores and websites, he should keep a list of the rings he likes best. Later, he can go back and review this list before coming up with a final selection.

Reviewing Final Choices

After a shopper has a sizable list of finalists, he can choose the one he likes best. To do this, he should compare the rings based on style, stone type and price. However, the final selection should be based on what ring he thinks is bride-to-be will like the most. Before buying, though, the man must make sure the ring he is getting is the quality level that he is paying for. He should have the ring appraised and get a certificate certifying the metal and stones used before paying for the ring. Another final choice he must make is the sizing. Although a ring can be easily sized after it is presented to his fiance, a man can surprise the woman he wants to marry by presenting her with a ring that she can wear from the moment that he proposes. To find out a woman’s finger size, a man can either look at some of the rings she already has, ask her friends or tie a piece of string around her finger and slip it off while she is sleeping. If a man presents the knotted string to the jewelry store, they should be able to figure out the woman’s approximate ring size.

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting but nerve wracking process. If a man follows these steps, he will be sure to impress the woman he hopes to marry.

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