Christmas Gift Ideas for Military Members (part 2)

This is the second article in a two part series on Christmas gift ideas for military. The first article gives several additional ideas to inspire your Christmas gift giving.

Send Hand Warmers

One unique Christmas gift for military members is a set of hand warmers. For military members who are stationed in cold locations, these little presents come in handy. They can keep the hands warm or be placed in the tops of boots to keep the feet warm. They can also be placed on a sore muscle or achy place on the body to ease pains or cramps.

Wrap a Camera

Consider purchasing a small digital camera for the military man or woman to use while away from home. Purchase one that can fit inside a pocket for easy transport. Accessories such as memory cards and cases can also be purchased to go along with the camera. The soldier can document his travels and time away using this gift.

Give a Portable Game

Another interesting gift idea is a portable game. Portable games are small, so the soldier can keep one in his pocket. They can provide entertainment during downtime. Some portable game ideas that are fun for everybody are Tetris, crossword puzzles, word searches, and other classic games.

Make a Battery Basket

A wonderful gift for military members is batteries. Put together a Christmas gift basket filled with all sizes of batteries. Since so many electronics run off of batteries, a military person can never have enough. Batteries can run out quickly, so this is a gift idea that soldiers will use and appreciate.

Give Useful Items

Since many military men and women are away from home for long stretches of time, useful items they don’t have access to when they are away can be considered luxuries. Put together a gift box of useful items they may not have access to such as lotions, ketchup packets, flavor packets for water, chewing gum, and soft sleep socks.

Special Coupons

A final Christmas gift idea for military members is special coupons. Special coupons are created for loved ones serving away from home and can be redeemed for something once the soldier returns home. For example, a wife might send her husband a special coupon, which is good for one date night at his favorite restaurant when he returns. Or a mother might make a coupon for her son to redeem for a home cooked meal when he returns home. These special coupons are great because they are personal, and the ideas are endless.

When considering Christmas gift ideas for military men and women, think carefully about the recipient. Giving military gifts that are both special and meaningful can make Christmas a wonderful time for military members.

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