Choosing Your Living Room Furniture (part 2)

This is the second article in a two part series on choosing the right living room furniture. The first article discusses the importance of the room size, figuring out a budget, and choosing the appropriate style to fit the tastes of the home. 

Selecting Basics

Decorating experts recommend that homeowners begin by selecting a few basic pieces and then choosing accessories that coordinate. A sofa and a coffee table are the two pieces that many people choose first. These are the most expensive items, as well as the items that visitors will notice first. Then the owner can purchase matching end tables, an entertainment center or television stand, chairs, plant stands, ottomans or other smaller pieces of furniture. Ideally the coordinating pieces should match or complement the main pieces in color and materials. For example, most decorating experts advise against mixing woods or different types of metals. Similarly, the styles of the pieces should complement one another or match.

Choosing Accents

Accents such as lamps, throw pillows, wall hangings, curtains and rugs tie together the pieces of furniture and accentuate the style of the room. For example, a well-chosen piece of art or an afghan can tie together the colors of the room. These pieces can be purchased at the same time as the furniture or bought separately and over time as the buyer encounters pieces that she likes. Like the furniture, accents can be purchased online or in one of our retail stores. Visit the home decor section of to browse our selection of lamps, wall hangings, and rugs.

Other Considerations

Purchasers should also consider the durability of the furniture, as well as how easily it can be cleaned. This is especially important if the family has small children or pets. In addition, heavy pieces of furniture are difficult to clean under, which makes them poor choices for some seniors or people with disabilities. If the homeowner takes her time and chooses pieces that fit within her lifestyle, style preferences and budget, she will be happy with her new furniture for years to come.

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