Christmas Gift Ideas for Military Members (part 1)

Christmas is a time for sharing, showing love and appreciation, and gift giving. During the holiday season, the men and women who serve in the military should not be forgotten. Although it can be difficult to know what to get them, here are some excellent Christmas gift ideas for military members.

Create a Scrapbook

It is important to note that many military men and women cannot get home to see their families at Christmas. Therefore, one good gift idea is to create a beautiful scrapbook of family photos, letters from family members and friends, and other personal notes to send them. This is a gift that will not only make them happy at Christmas, but it is something they can keep with them during their time away to help them feel connected to their families.

Make a Video

Another one of the many military gifts available is a video. Family members can record the service person’s kids opening presents on Christmas morning from Santa or video the family’s traditional Christmas dinner and gift exchange to send to the service person. This thoughtful gift will make anyone feel that they are a part of the holiday even when stationed thousands of miles away from home.

Create a Gift Basket of Food

A lot of service men and women crave the foods from home. Put together a gift basket of sweets, treats, and goodies that can be shared with others. Cookies, candy bars, and other snack items can be enjoyed for many weeks after Christmas. Gift givers can include enough for the service person to share with his unit.

Give Reading Materials

Many military men and women say that the nights can be long and lonely when away from home. So, a good gift idea is reading material. Some good reading materials to send are novels and magazines. These gifts are also great because they can be passed on to others after they have been read.

When considering Christmas gift ideas for military men and women, think carefully about the recipient. Giving military gifts that are both special and meaningful can make Christmas a wonderful time for military members.

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