Choosing Your Living Room Furniture (part 1)

The living room is the heart of the home. Choosing the right pieces to furnish the living room is essential because it is often the first place that visitors see, as well as the place where most families spend the majority of their time. As a result, the living room should be comfortable as well as reflect the overall style of the home.

Room Size

The most important consideration when purchasing living room furniture is the size of the room. Small rooms require more compact pieces or even pieces that can be folded up or rearranged in different configurations to provide more room when necessary. Large rooms are more flexible. A homeowner refurnishing a large room can choose large or heavy pieces of furniture, if she desires. These pieces can stay in place until the homeowner decides to rearrange the room.

Another consideration is the amount of seating the family requires. Room size permitting, large families may wish to purchase several small sofas or a large sectional to accommodate everyone. Smaller families or families furnishing a smaller area can begin by choosing one quality sofa and smaller chairs.

Determining a Budget

Purchasers should determine a budget before they begin shopping. Top-quality new living room furniture can cost thousands of dollars, which can shock the unprepared homeowner. However, financing your living room furniture through Freedom Furniture’s easy credit financing for military can save you money. Our selection of Ashley furniture offers a great selection at a low price, and allows you to make low monthly payments.

Choosing a Style

Once the homeowner has determined the budget and the number and size of pieces, she must consider the style of the furniture. If she prefers a contemporary style, she could select modern living room furniture with sleek lines and chrome or light wood frames. Modern living room furniture often comes in a variety of colors, from cool neutrals to bold colors like red, orange or green.

Some homeowners prefer a more vintage style, which is ideal for someone with a smaller budget to work with. Vintage furniture is sold in a variety of places and covers a wide range of prices and styles. The owner can select one era or style and match the pieces or choose an eclectic variety of pieces in similar colors or materials for a unique look.

Classic styles never go out of fashion, which can make them attractive to the budget-conscious homeowner. Oak or light-tones woods and neutral colors remain stylish after other fads fade. Purchasers interested in a timeless look should avoid trendy styles, colors or patterns and the pieces will remain timeless year after year.

More tips on choosing the right living room furniture in part 2 of this series. Meanwhile, let us know what you look for in your living room furniture by leaving a comment below!

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