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Top DVD Releases in March 2014

There are a lot of awesome DVD's releases in March 2014.

There are a lot of awesome DVD’s releases in March 2014.

Top March DVD Releases

March 2014 was an incredible month for DVD releases. With the Academy Awards now passed, many Oscar award-winning films are hitting the shelves. And this month, there is something for everyone!


This Disney animated film broke all kinds of records and won several accolades during award season. These awards include two Oscars: Best Animated Feature Film and Best Song. The action takes place in fictional Arendelle as two sisters navigate their complicated relationship. Elsa is the new queen, and her magical powers allow her to create snow and ice with the toss of her hand. But when the world finds out her secret, she exiles herself and shuts out everyoneРincluding her sister Anna. But with some persistence and with acts of true love, the film comes to a glorious and beautiful end. 

American Hustle

This period piece garnered all kinds of attention during award season, including acting nominations for Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence. In this film, set in the glamorous 1970s, a con man named Irving Rosenfield and his beautiful British partner Sydney Prosser are compelled to work with an FBI agent to get into the world of the New Jersey mafia. The pair are enamored with the world in which they have arrived, but it soon becomes a dangerous place for them.

Dallas Buyers Club

With two acting Academy Awards under its belt, Dallas Buyers Club gained popularity since its theatrical release. Now available on DVD, this film tells the story of Ron Woodroof, an electrician and hustler who spends his time and money on cocaine and casual sex. When he is diagnosed with AIDs, he refuses to believe his thirty-day death sentence. He reads up on his disease and discovers that a powerful drug is undergoing trials in the United States– but is available across the border in Mexico. With a cocktail of drugs in his system, Woodroof begins smuggling the drugs into the U.S., using them and selling them with the help of a transgender HIV-positive man named Rayon. This film chronicles the complicated world of AIDs in America in the 1980s.

Walking With Dinosaurs

This family-friendly film brings to life the exciting and still-mysterious world of dinosaurs. Conceived first as a BBC television series, Walking With Dinosaurs combines computer generated animation with live action to tell the story of an courageous young dinosaur must overcome his underdog status to become a hero among giants. Created in thrilling 3-D, Walking With Dinosaurs lets families feel they are truly a part of prehistoric Earth.

Wolf of Wall Street

Taking place in the 1980s and 1990s, Wolf of Wall Street tells the story of a young man named Jordan Belfort who achieves immense wealth and fame by defrauding the even wealthier. With his newfound fortune, Belfort, along with his trusted partner, founds his own firm called Stratton Oakmont. As the FBI and SEC close in on him, Belfort remains oblivious. He relishes his new life of sex and drugs, lavishing in the glory of his spoils. Oscar nominations abounded for this film, with acting nods to Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill.

Saving Mr. Banks

This live-action Disney film chronicles the story of how Walt Disney won over P.L. Travers to turn her story Mary Poppins into a film. Saving Mr. Banks is based on a true story and shows Walt Disney as a doting dad who make a promise to his daughters: he will bring Mary Poppins to the big screen for them. Unfortunately, Travers has no ambition to make her story into a film, and Disney’s appeal is an uphill battle. But with the passing of time, Travers sings a slightly different tune and agrees to be courted by Disney in 1961. The author remains steadfast in her belief that Mary Poppins should remain on the page, but Disney does not give up. He eventually tries to tug at her heartstrings by referencing a period from Travers’ youth. This family-friendly film brings life to Walt Disney and to the woman behind one of his most famous works.

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Comparing Facebook Paper vs Feedly for Reading News

Feedly versus Facebook Paper - head to head comparison

Feedly versus Facebook Paper – head to head comparison

News Reading:

Paper is the latest news-reading app from Facebook. Paper has modified the standard Facebook News Feed and made it into a user friendly horizontal scrolling app. The interface for news reading changes links to small media cards, similar to that of Twitter. To read the whole news story, swipe up and you’ll be taken to the source site. On top of that, Paper is directly connected to your Facebook, so you can continue to use Facebook normally while reading the news. App designer Michael Reckhow said “We felt you shouldn’t have to choose between one of the other”.

Feedly is a news and internet content reading and makes a good replacement for Google Reader. Unlike Paper, Feedly delivers content to your phone or mobile device based on your interests, filtering out anything you would not like to see. Feedly also offers a browser function, so if Feedly does not offer the full text on a topic you can click it and view the original website without closing out of Feedly.

Reviews have stated that sometimes Feedly is too concerned about its image rather than its content, occasionally giving a full page to only one article, rather than a list of five like it normally does. This usually happens when the article is very popular but it is unclear how Feedly rates popularity.


Paper cuts away a lot of clutter normally found on news sites, allowing news stories to appear at full screen. The app has been described as a lean-back experience and indeed it is. Paper has made itself more streamline than Twitter or Facebook by trimming away a lot of the noise. It only focuses on news and your Facebook. Thanks to nine months of testing and development, the app is fluid and fast, perfect for readers.

Feedly has a high focus on visual design. This app has essentially taken the exact opposite route of Paper. It packs as much content as possible into its app, so users can view pretty much anything they want. Once feeds have been setup, Feedly gives you viewing options. You can view all content or dive into a specific feed to narrow down options. Former Google Reader users have complained of it new complicated design but other users enjoy having the extra options.


Many people enjoy Paper so much that it has replaced their standard Facebook app. Paper is an elegant redesign of Facebook itself, allowing users to post statuses and photos. Though the app does not have all the same features of Facebook, many people still enjoy it for its simplicity. The app is currently only available for iPhone (sorry Android users) and many people have also said that the app takes time to get used to, but despite that people continue to use Paper.

Feedly can run on both Apple and Android products. Configurations can be automatically synced between your phone and tablet, making it accessible on both devices. Through Feedly you can also brows Facebook, as well share and view content on Twitter and Google+. You can also read blogs, magazines, news articles, journals, and more easily through Feedly.


Paper gives users a simple, laid back alternative to Facebook News Reader. It allows users to not only read the news but also continue their regular Facebook activities. Some users enjoy the interface of Paper so much that it has replaced their regular Facebook app. Some reviews complain that the app takes time to get used to and it is not available on anything other than iPhone, but either way this app is great for people looking for a simpler way to brows Facebook while also getting their news.

Feedly is available for both Apple and Android products. Like Paper, you can brows news articles and Facebook but it also allows users to brows Twitter, Google+, blogs, journals, and other internet content. Feedly is good app for anyone looking to narrow down their news content because, if desired, it will filter out anything not related to your interests. Complaints about the app are usually about its complexity, though other users enjoy the abundant of tools available. Over all Feedly is best for users who want more options in how they read their news.

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Ashley furniture: 3 Great tips to help you choose the right bed

Pillows and bedding can really make your bed become cozy.

You work hard all day. At night, you want nothing more than to relax, and sink into the perfect bed for a long, restful night’s sleep. However, it can be difficult to know how to pick the right bed. ¬†There are a lot of choices and features to consider.¬†Here are a few great tips you can use to pick out the bed that will end up providing you years of sound, peaceful sleep.

Tip #1: Think about what you need ahead of time

One of the most common mistakes people make when they’re shopping for a new bed is to shop without any idea of their needs prior to hitting the stores. You need to consider many things ahead of time so you know what you need. If you’re shopping with a spouse or partner, be sure to consider everything from cost to size to firmness. You’ll need to know if allergies are a concern for you, or if there are any health issues you should be bringing up to your salesperson. It will help to make a list of your needs and be sure to take it with you.

Tip #2: Try before you buy

You’ve probably seen people shopping for beds on television, and you’ve probably chuckled to yourself when you see them lie down on various mattresses while they’re in the store. Even though it might seem silly, you should definitely try a bed before you buy it. While you don’t have to take a half an hour nap in the store, it will benefit you if you can lie down on the mattress for at least ten minutes. That gives you enough time to know if the mattress is firm enough or soft enough for you. Roll over a few times too to be sure different positions are comfortable for you.

Tip #3: Bigger is better

Depending on the space you have available for your new bed, consider choosing a larger size. One of the most common sleep complaints people have is being interrupted by their partner in the middle of the night because the bed is too small. In smaller beds, you’re more likely to feel every turn your partner is making. By picking a larger size, you’ll have more room, and you won’t be woken up as much when your partner has a case of insomnia.

By following our advice, you won’t have to waste time when you’re shopping for a new bed. You’ll be able to quickly identify what works for you, and what doesn’t.

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Three Tips for Choosing Living Room Pieces

Sofa Sectionals from Ashley Furniture

Sofa Sectionals from Ashley Furniture

After a long day at the base, you want to be able to relax with your family in your living room. Your furniture must be comfortable enough to sink into and yet sturdy enough for the kids to play on. In addition, your living room set must be durable, so you get your hard-earned money’s worth, and stylish enough for your visitors. The following tips can help you find your best options.

Get Measurements

There’s no point in shopping for furniture until you know the size of the room that it’s going in. Get out the tape measure, measure the space, and create a floor plan on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to measure the entry or back doors to ensure that you can bring your purchases in. Don’t try to cram every square inch with furniture or your living room will look crowded. Instead, go with smaller pieces than you think you’ll need. Allow at least 36 inches of space through major pathways.

Go with the Basics

If you want your furniture to last as long as your military career, then avoid trendy styles and the latest color choices. Consider going with classic pieces in neutral shades. You can always liven things up with inexpensive and easily-changed pillows and living room accessories that boast the latest patterns. An excellent modern choice is the Coral Pike Pewter Sofa and Love seat. Its gray color will go with any type of wallpaper or paint.

Start with the Big Pieces

Arrange your room starting with the big pieces, such as the sofas and love seats, because they have fewer options for positioning. Then add a¬†coffee table¬†that’s big enough to match the size of your upholstered pieces and¬†end tables¬†that are taller than the tops of the sofa arms. Finally, include other furniture, such as shelving, and accessories, such as lamps and vases.

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